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Covid PCR Testing

Offered during regular office hours

Mondays and Wednesdays 9a-5p

**Must be over age 18, Shannon’s degree is in Adult Health

Please call us to make an appointment 309-808-1450

Insurance will be billed for an office visit and the lab testing. We are required to bill your insurance for testing. Under Federal Legislation, most insurance companies are covering testing in full without copays or deductibles. No payment will be collected at this appointment.

Results are currently coming back in 1-2 days, we use HealthLab/Northwestern Memorial Healthcare-Aurora for all of our testing and they bill for the test.

COVID-19 Public pricing of tests:
- COVID Antibody testing: $40.00 per antibody SelfPay
- Facility encounter fee E & M code 99203: $165.10
- Facility encounter fee E & M code 99213: $133.90

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